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2014 IWAS World Junior Games
August 3-8, 2014 - Stoke Mandeville, UK

Congratulations 2014 IWAS World Junior Games Team! 

Athletes Selected                                                               Staff Selected                       

  1. James Adams
  2. Megan Absten
  3. Michael Assefa
  4. Nicholas Badeaux
  5. Kristian Bellard
  6. Ja-Que Billingsley
  7. Mark Braun
  8. Curran Brown
  9. AJ Digby
  10. Erik Doty
  11. Brendan Driscoll
  12. Lauren Gates
  13. Kyle Gribble
  14. Alexa Halko
  15. Garrison Hayes
  16. Aubrey Headon
  17. Jessica Heims

  1. Desmond Jackson
  2. Anastazia Kohout
  3. Stephen Koziel
  4. Jessica Larsen
  5. Amanda Malawski
  6. Stephanie Marquez
  7. Mitchell Miles
  8. Nishan Patel
  9. Bryan Powell
  10. Jessica Rogers
  11. Daniel Romanchuk
  12. Isaiah Rigo
  13. Elisabet Ruiz-Torres
  14. Matthew Tohon
  15. Daniel Velasquez
  16. Alexander Xue

  • Team Leader: Barbara Chambers
  • Asst Team Leader: Tomie Zuchetto
  • Medical: Dr. David Driscoll
  • Archery Head Coach: Ken Bagala
  • Archery Asst Coach/Field Asst Coach: Tim Baumgarten
  • Swim Head Coach & Paratri Head Coach: Glen O'Sullivan
  • Ambulatory Track & Field Head Coach: Dave Bogenschutz
  • Wheelchair Track & Field Head Coach & Powerlifting Head Coach: Mike Burns

Sports to be Contested

  1. Archery
  2. Athletics (Track & Field)
  3. Race Running
  4. Powerlifting
  5. Shooting
  6. Swimming
  7.  Table Tennis
  8. Wheelchair Fencing
  9. Para Triathlon

WASUSA Junior Athletes and coaches/staff are encouraged to apply for the 2014 Junior Team USA if they meet the following criteria:

  1. 30’s 40’s and 50’s classifications for under 16, under 18, under 20, and under 23 age groups will compete.
  2. Athletes must have 2 or more years of competition experience at the national level (such as NJDC) or other sanctioned events. Athletes must meet WASUSA emerging elite qualifying standards (Will be posted shortly).  Being a WASUSA member in good standing is encouraged!
  3. Staff/coaches must have 2 years of national coaching experience.
  4. Selection process will utilize qualifying emerging elite standards based upon athlete’s results from the 2012 NJDC event or other sanctioned event (which will be posted on the WASUSA website).

Additional information will be posted on the website as it is available. 

Tentative Schedule of Events

Staff Job Descriptions

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Team Leader

Assistant Team Leader

Equipment Manager

Head Coach

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Standards for Athletes

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