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The purpose of the Athlete Development Fund (ADF) is to provide a way for an athlete (or team) to raise funds to support training and related competition expenses while allowing donors to make tax deductible donations. Since any efforts towards fundraising can only be used for expenses detailed below, it is highly recommended that all fundraising letters and other forms of communication state that the funds are being raised “for the purposes of training and competing in” your given sport or specific event. Example: “I am raising funds to train and compete in the nationals.”

Eligibility for ADF Account

Account holders are required to be current members in good standing of Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports, USA.  In the event that one is not a member by March 31st of each membership year, the account holder will be assessed the annual non-refundable membership fee.


  • Athletes can request that a Paypal donate button be added to the WASUSA website with a link available for publication on their own personal website.
  • All Paypal fees (currently 3.7%) are deducted from the gross donation before funds are credited to the ADF account.

· All funds (to include sponsorships, gifts, prize money, personal money) placed in an Athletic

Development Fund are considered assets of Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports, USA for the benefit of said person.

  • Donors should address the check/payee as WASUSA, (Athlete/Team Name) - ADF Account
  • Any funds in an Athletic Development Fund cannot be forwarded to another

individual and/or team upon account holder's retirement from sport; nor can they be transferred to either heirs and/or other sports/recreational organizations.

  • Only the account holder or his/her designee(s) may receive verbal or written information regarding account activity.(NOTE: Please list, on page 1 of the application form, all authorized persons eligible to receive information on the development fund.)

  • In the event an account remains inactive (no deposits or reimbursements) for three years, all assets in the Athletic Development Fund will revert to WASUSA’s general fund and will no longer be accessible to the athlete/coach/team. Activity is defined as either a donation or a withdrawal. Application of an annual fee or automatic membership deduction is not viewed as an eligible activity for maintaining account activity.
  • There is a limit on expense eligibility of one year from the expense incurral date. All expenses must be received by the WASUSA office prior to that date.


  • Fees for maintaining an account ( aka "annual fee") will be $25.00 per year payable from the account in January of each year for the coming year. This fee is automatically deducted from the account on January 1 of each year.  A non-refundable application fee of $25.00 should be remitted with the first-year application
  • This annual fee is non-refundable if the account is closed after January 1st of the year.
  • ·High volume accounts will be charged additional fees.

o A high volume account is one which exceeds 20 transactions (checks and/or Paypal contributions) per month.

o A fee of .50¢ per check/PayPal contribution will be charged for each transaction in excess of 20 per calendar month at the time of the transaction.

  • Two ADF reimbursement checks will be processed free of charge each calendar month.

o Each additional check request will incur a $5 processing fee.

· Each account must maintain a minimum balance of $100.00.

o If your balance falls below the minimum balance after fees and membership fees are withdrawn we will ask you to have a sponsor or donor make a donation to your account or the account will be subject to closure.

o No reimbursements will be made from accounts with a balance below $100 unless you have requested the account be closed.

· Any fees or charges for the use of Paypal or returned checks will be charged against your account.

· Checks deposited into the account will not be available for disbursement for 5 days after the date of deposit.

· Annual account fees will be withdrawn from the account for any account still open on December 31st for the upcoming year unless we have been given written notice no later than November 30 that the account is to be closed.

  • Written notice may be provided via email or fax.
  • ·Closed accounts require an ADF Reimbursement Form and valid receipts to receive final reimbursement for account balance.
  • Once an account is closed there will be a six month waiting period before it can be reestablished.

· We will provide each active accountholder with a quarterly statement of activity.

Allowable Expenses

Guidelines for allowable uses of athlete/coach/team development funds:

Travel Expenses to and from Training, Competitions, and Camps

  • Mileage at the IRS allowable rate.  (Currently 50¢ per mile for 2010)
  • Airfare and airport parking
  • Lodging (i.e. hotels)
  • Taxis
  • Rental car (mileage rate is not applicable for rental cars)Updated 2/1/2010

Equipment Purchases.  Examples:

  • Competition wheelchair
  • Gloves 
  • Sport specific clothing
  • Sport specific equipment [field implements, tires, swim goggles, etc]

Meals while training or at competitions up to the maximum IRS allowable per diem rate (currently $59.00 per day)

Technical manuals/books

Registration fees for competitions

Periodicals related to sport


Membership to fitness facilities

WASUSA membership

Coaching fees

Chaperon expenses to accompany junior athletes to competitions

  • Eligibility: Under 18 years of age.  

Personal Care Assistant expenses for athletes attending training camps, competitions

  • Eligibility: Medically Classified Quadriplegics or those with special medical circumstances.  NOTE: This must be verified in writing by the athlete's physician.


Reimbursable expenses are to be submitted using the Athletic Development Fund Reimbursement Expense Form. Original receipts MUST accompany all expenses claimed. ADF Reimbursement Form

The receipts must show:

  • Date(s) of service
  • Type of service
  • Amount charged.

Receipts must be actual invoices.

Unacceptable receipts include:

  • Estimates
  • Quotes
  • Purchase orders
  • Airline itineraries

Payments will not be made directly to vendors

Only WASUSA sponsored Teams will be able to have funds transferred from the ADF to Team USA accounts.

Any outside team expenses must be paid by the account holder and a receipt submitted for reimbursement.

Allow 4-6 weeks for payment.