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Sports N Spokes Junior Athlete of the Year

Nominees should be up to and including 18 years of age, good students, make significant contributions to their schools in sports as well as other activities, and be active in their communities volunteering for various projects and causes. An athlete will not be considered solely for a stellar athletic performance. Nominations can be submitted from coaches, officials or others and sent to: mailto: chris@pvamag.com or Christopher DiVirgilio, PVA Publications, Sports and Spokes, 2111 East Highland Ave, Suite 180, Phoenix, AZ 85016-4702. You may also apply online at:  http://pvamag.com/sns/community/nominate_jr_athlete/

Past Award Winners

Mark Braun
Rachel Kroener
Raymond Martin  
  New Jersey
Jessica Rogers
Dylan Levine
New Jersey
Josh Swoverland
Jill Moore
 North Carolina
 Ryan Chalmers
 New York
 Dana Fink
 Steven Serio
 New York
 Michael Timpa
 Mia Ives-Rublee
 North Carolina
 Kevin Hosea
 Joshua George
 Sarah Castle
 Jennifer Howitt
 Jessica Galli
 New Jersey
 Joshua Brunies
 Eddie McGee
 New York 
 Becky Covington
 Ashley Hovey
 Tyler Byers
 Shannon Morrisey
 Feike Waque
 LeAnn Shannon
 Abigail Park
 New Jersey
 Eric Neitzel
 Jennifer Hazen
 New Jersey
 Tony Lara
 Paul Hathcox
 Luis Betts