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Jan Elix Legacy Award

This award is given annually at the National Junior Disability Championships by the Junior Committee to a coach, organizer, official, and/or classifier that displays the below characteristics that Jan Elix displayed in her own life from her experience as an athlete and later as a coach, WASUSA BoD member, mentor, and long standing member of the Junior Committee.

Characteristics of Recipients

1. Must serve in the administrative role as a coach, official, organizer, or classifier and be in good standing with Wheelchair & Ambulatory Sports, USA.
2. Has dedicated their time and effort to the expansion and growth of competitive sports for youth with physical disabilities in their local communities and/or at a national level.
3. Serves as a mentor to colleagues and/or athletes.
4. Has a long standing commitment to the vision and future of competitive sports for junior athletes with physical disabilities while consistently sharing that with others to continue the LEGACY like Jan in being an integral part of its growth and development.

If you would like to nominate someone for this award please download and complete the form then click the submit button or mail it into our national office. Please click here for the nomination form.


Jan Elix Award Winners
 Cindy Housner
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 Gregg Baumgarten
 Pam Carey
 Arleen Sand
 Phil Galli & Jessie (Galli)
Don Chaffee and Dick Doucette
 Barry Ewing
Ralph and Debbie Armento

2013: Cindy Housner

2012: Gregg Baumgarten


2011: Pam Carey

2010: Arleen Sand

2009: Phil Galli & Jessica (Galli) Cloy

2008: Don Chaffee and Dick Doucette

2007: Barry Ewing

2006: Ralph & Debbie Armento