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Track and Field Officials' Training & Certification

For the 2013-2016 quad all existing IPC certified officials and all new officials must:

  1. Become a USATF member for 2013 and beyond
  2. Take the appropriate USATF official's certification exam and pass. To access this test and for more information, click here.
  3. After taking the test your results will be forwarded to your USATF Association officials' chair.
  4. Review the Para Track and Field officials training course. To review this course, click here.
  5. Take the Para Track and Field officials certification exam and pass with a score of 80% or better. To access this exam, click here. (A link to this exam is also contained within the course).   If you pass the test you will have Para-Official put on your USATF Badge. 
  6. After taking the test your results will be forwarded to your USATF Association officials' chair.

How to Move up the USATF Pipeline & the IPC Officials' Pipeline

  1.  A US Para Official can stay at any National level he/she is comfortable with, but if he/she wishes to move up he/she must work the number and type of meets (some must be able-bodied meets) defined by USATF for your level to advance from:
     - Apprentice to Association, 
     - Association to National,
     - National to Master.
2. To be recommended for IPC international certification the Official must:
     - Be a USATF Master Official 
     - Be Certified as a USATF National Technical Delegate (NTO).  
     - Be recommended to the IPC for advancement by USATF and USA Paralympics.