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National Delegates Assembly (NDA)

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About the NDA

As per our Bylaws:

Section 1: Authority

The National Delegate Assembly shall have the authority to:

  1. Elect the Officers of Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports, USA as such vacancies occur and to remove the same for cause;

  2. Election of members to serve on the Board of Directors as such vacancies occur and to remove the same for cause;

  3. Receive and review the reports of the Board of Directors, officers, staff and committees;

  4. Act on all matters related to the membership of Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports, USA in accordance with provisions of its Constitution and Bylaws; and,

  5. Act on all proposals to change its Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 2: Meetings

The National Delegate Assembly shall meet once annually at a time and place as determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 3: Composition and Representation

Each member organization of Wheelchair & Ambulatory Sports, USA shall be entitled to representation at any meeting of the National Delegate Assembly according to the number of delegates and voting strength as specified in Bylaw, Article II, and a like number of alternates to act in place of such delegates.

2012 National Delegates Assembly - October 12-14, 2012

The 2012 NDA will be held in Rochester, Minnesota from Friday, October 12 through Sunday, October 14, 2012. A detailed schedule of экскурсия в МГУ им Ломоносова events will be published and shared once it is finalized. WASUSA in conjuction with the 2013 NJDC LOC will be offering a NJDC Site Visit on Thursday, October 13. If you would like to take part in the site visit, please plan to arrive Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning. 

Host Hotel

The Kahler Grand Hotel

20 SW Second Avenue

Rochester, MN  55902

Room rate: $82 + 11.75% tax per night 

WASUSA will provide a Group Name and reservation instructions soon.

Hotel website: http://www.thekahlerhotel.com/

20 SW Second Avenue Rochester, MN 55902

Amendments to WASUSA's Constitution and Bylaws

Members of WASUSA are invited to submit amendments to the Constition and Bylaws. All amendments must be submitted to Jessica Galli, WASUSA Secretary, no later than midnight August 15, 2012. Please include with your submission, a copy of the current paragraph(s) that you which to amend along with a rewritten version of the paragraph(s). Please also include your reason for the change. Submit your amendments to Jessica via email: wasusa.secretary@gmail.com

Board of Directors Elections

There are currently three positions up for election on the WASUSA Board of Directors. These three positions are: Chairperson, Sport Technical Committee Representative, and Member-at-Large. If you are interested in running for the Board, please submit a letter of interest and a copy of your resume to Jessica Galli, WASUSA Secretary via email: wasusa.secretary@gmail.com

Regional Sports Organizations, Sport Technical Committees, and National Governing Bodies - Annual Report

All RSO's, STC's and NGB's are required to submit an Annual Report for the NDA. Please submit your report to Ralph Armento, WASUSA Office Director, no later than Friday, August 31, 2012. Reports are needed by this deadline so that they can be compiled and shared with NDA attendees prior to the meeting in October. For an outline to help you create your RSO report, click here.