Wheelchair & Ambulatory Sports, USA

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Structure of Wheelchair & Ambulatory Sports, USA

Regional Sports Organizations

The RSOs provide guidance and support to local clubs and community-based organizations as well as conducting regional competitions that allow athletes to qualify for national events and international teams.


Our member clubs provide local program services, training, and recreation and competitive opportunities to the individual members of WASUSA. The clubs are open to any individual who is an athlete, coach, trainer, manager, administrator or official active in any sport governed by a WASUSA National Governing Body or Sports Technical Committee.

National Governing Body

A National Governing Body is incorporated as a nonprofit organization and independently governs a single sport. An NGB arranges for and conduct its national championship competitions, determines a system to sanction competitions, and provides technical support for the development of local programs in the sport.

Sport Technical Committee

A Sport Technical Committee develops interest and participation in their sport within WASUSA clubs and events. STC works in conjunction with their able-bodied sport counterpart to provide, coordinate, and update technical information related to the sport, including updating rules based upon the respective national or international governing body and information on applicable sports medicine.